Our Lady of the Snows Church

Pastoral Staff

Pastor: Rev. Kevin F. McBrien
Parochial Vicar: Rev. Jeremy Canna
Deacons:Matthew Oellinger, Steven Borheck, John Warren, Kevin Hughes
Pastoral Associate: Mrs. Regina Moreno
School Principal:Joseph Venticinque
Human Concerns Director: Ms. Doreen Walz
Director of Music: Mrs. Lisa Kelly

Parish Office

259th Street (between Union Turnpike & 80th Avenue), (718) 347-6070

Administrative Assistant: Ms. Melissa Vollaro
Secretary: Mrs. Patricia Nicolosi

Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Academy

79-33 258th Street, (718) 343-1346

Secretary: Mrs. Jill Buttry

Faith Formation Office

Secretary: Mrs. Esther Liberto   -   (718) 347-3511

Human Concerns Center

Secretary: Mrs. Virgilia Rillera   -   (718) 347-6229

Long Island Jewish Hospital

Chaplain: Rev. Robert Ambalathingal   -   (718) 470-8738

Catholic Youth Group

Youth Minister:Mrs. Karen DeRose
Youth Website: www.OLSAMCYG.Weebly.com

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